Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Well, it was all your father's trouble, but it made two women's life difficult, and the daughters of the two women were not good. The same victim, why suffer for the victims. Your father must have been apologetic before trying to make up for it. He thought he was only his love, but he did not expect to be the two generations of the newspaper. You are now so strong, and you have a family and you don't need to continue to spend energy in the pain of your native family. Just give your father a chance to make atonement. Since he's sorry for so many people, stop blocking him from doing good stuff. When he arrived at the age of knowing that he was at the age of sixty, there were not many men's desires and no one's men. His last use value was only the value of his father.

If the three daughters are on the right path, they are a comfort to your father and you have no real loss. Do not be afraid that she will retaliate against you after she is strong. Everyone in the eight-year war is tired. Peaceful coexistence is a liberation and forgetting rivers and lakes is a relief. Passing others is to let go of yourself. Good luck.

I was 26 unmarried this year. I found a child accidentally when I graduated. The child belongs to me, and my child has already agreed to break up for more than two years. No one wants to find a single person. This year I met a 23-year-old. The girl, who was very talkative, had a long time later. She knew that she had just broken up and that she was in the middle of her stomach cancer. She is now in her third year of recovery. The doctor said that she was basically fine for five years and she fell in love with it. She, we can do all kinds of things like a couple, but she does not want us to openly say that we have no future, she is pessimistic, I feel like I can't live 25, I want to accompany her over 25, if it still loves Together, she didn’t want me to wait, saying not worthy of me. fake versace sunglasses had three or four objects. She often talks about the front object. Before... Many of these things, I once said she would, if she still loves, she will return. Tell me that the ex-boyfriend was looking for her compound, and then she was on fire, and the tone that we ended up saying you said again. I don't know what this is